" DBU has implemented transformational changes "

Debre Berhan University opened its door in January 2007 to climb on a gallant academic journey which surely would bring a remarkable development and paradigm shift in our country. 

DBU has been under an ongoing institutional transformation in its internal human capacity and infrastructural development since its establishment in 1999 E.C /2007 with a view to increase its capacity of producing competent graduates through conducting problem solving research and providing community services.

To realize the vision of DBU, we have strived to carry out the mandates that have been given by the higher education to produce efficient graduates & undergraduates by offering quality based and research assisted education, by undertaking problem solving researches that focus on national need and benefiting the community with the outcome, offering community focused training, consultancy service, transferring technology and undertaking innovation. 

Moreover, DBU has implemented transformational changes, as basic institutional instruments, such as kaizen, developmental work force group of 1 to 5 organization among the staffs, and middle level leaders to carry out fruitful activities, to help one other, to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, and to bring the expected out comes that can contribute to the development of the nation in the GTP. Above all, launching the student information management system is again one major success which Debre Berhan University has achieved this academic year. 

Furthermore, since the university has endeavored to implement student centered method of teaching accompanied by continuous assessment methods, I can say that the students are getting the necessary knowledge which can make them competent in their future career. 

Besides, the university’s academic staff have been participating in doing researches on different thematic areas that can crack the bottlenecks of the community. Researches are conducted not just for the sake of research, but they have to meet the community outreach. Moreover, DBU has involved in capacity building activities for the community together with our partners.  

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Debre Berhan University’s community and stakeholders for their contributions to the achievements of our young university and I will assure them that we will continue working hand in hand for the development of our university and the realization of our vision. 


Ato Getachew Tefera
Presidant, Debre Berhan University