The ultimate goal of Debre Berhan University Library is to support learning, teaching and research process conducted in the University. At the University, a library has been seen as an instrument of teaching alongside lecture and discussion methods and a Librarian serves as a teacher, guiding the student in the ways of investigation and research. This is achieved by acquiring information and materials, organizing them in a manner that permits easy access to their users and ensuring that such access is facilitated by giving users the necessary skills to retrieve the required information. Currently DBU Library’s consists of a collection of about 100,000 books and other documents under its disposal. The DBU Library will be organized under the main Library and other branch libraries such as Natural Science Library and Engineering Library etc... Each Library avails full service including circulation, reference, Periodicals and documentation sections, thereby providing effective and efficient services in addition, the libraries are expected to avail services for the users with special needs by providing resources such as brail and other facilities. The Main Library, which is under construction, is an excellent spacious building with a capacity to accommodate about 2800 students at a time. DBU Library is expected to have about 16,900 users (15,500 Students and 1,400 Academic and Administrative staff). Hence, in order to provide effective and efficient services to the users and to protect Library resources, there must be a clear rule and regulation which covers the rights and obligations of library users and the librarians as well. Therefore, the following library rules and regulations should be enforced by the academic council University’s disciplinary authorities and shall be approved for the benefit of the users and the library by the senate of the University. This rule and regulation is subject to review from time to time.

1.Membership and Admission:

1.1. Membership is open to all currently registered DBU students (Regular, Extension and summer) and DBU Staff (Academic and Administration). In addition certain groups such as: Researchers and Civil Servants of the surrounding areas may also use the Library only for spot reading if they have authorized permission from Academic Vice President Office.

1.2. All new incoming students should attend the library orientation program and they are required to read this rule and regulation. Library pocket cards are issued only to those who attend the orientation program the library.

1.3. All customers are required to bring and show their membership card/pocket/and DBU ID card at the security points,(main entrance/gate)

1.4. Customers are not allowed to transfer their membership card/pocket/ to others

1.5. Personal belongings are not allowed to enter in the library instead they should be put at the main entrance/gate or check point where security will look after them

1.6. Members are required to notify the library personnel of any change of address as soon as they occur

1.7. Any user suspended from the university will also be suspended from the library.

1.8. All members should be abiding by this regulation to get full services of the library.

2.Loans/ Borrowing:

2.1. To get library pocket/membership card/ customers should apply in person to the circulation desk officers by having valid DBU ID card and completing membership registration form.

2.2. Members should only use their own valid DBU ID card and Library pocket card for borrowing. Loans cannot be transferred from one member to another. The transfer of ID card and library pocket is not permitted.

2.3. General reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases etc…)and research papers, Theses and periodicals shall be for spot reading only

2.4   All library materials can be borrowed unless the material is marked on reserved or no loan. References, periodical documents and some rare books are marked “reserved” or “no loan”.

2.5. All materials on loan must be returned on the time specified. Loans can be renewed provided that the user is not in breach of library regulations and the item is not requested by other users.

2.6. Reserved books, reference books and journals borrowed from the library for photocopying should be returned within an hour.

2.7. Members are responsible for all loans issued against their library card (pocket) until those resources are returned and cancelled.

2.8   The number of readers pockets issued and the loan period to each category of users differ according to the following status: 


User’s Category

No. of Pocket issued

Loan periods



Academic Staff Instructors


Up to the End of the Semester



Technical assistants


for two weeks



Administrative Staff


For two weeks



Postgraduate Students


For three weeks



Undergraduate students


For two weeks



Par-time Instructors


Up to the end of the semester

Provided that the respective Dean of the College or Director Signed a guarantee form

2.9. Members should request for a book to be reserved when the book requested is borrowed by other readers. The user should fill “reserve request from” at the circulation desk.

2.10. Reserved books for spot reading can be borrowed for a maximum of two hours only, however, if the book is not requested by other users, it may be renewed for additional two hours.

3.Overdue Fines and Punishment:

3.1. Members are always asked to return borrowed items by the due date Otherwise, a fine is charged for each day an item is overdue. For all users, overdue fine will be 1:00 birr per day per books.

3.2   No item will be issued to any customer who has outstanding fines or other matters until the fines are paid and the overdue resource is returned.

3.3. Overdue fines for reserved items are 1:00 birr per hour for all library borrowers.

3.4. All categories of fines are strictly enforced and paid to the university finance and the copy of receipt should be given to the library

3.5. Fines and charges must be paid at once and in full.

3.6. If the members refuse to return the books that are borrowed when the libraries informed them repeatedly, the next procedures will be the libraries will send to the lists to University Human Resource Supportive Process and university legal department to take legal measures accordingly.

4.Lost and Damaged Books:

4.1. Members are expected to handle borrowed items and library membership cards with great care. Members who fail to do so will be responsible and required to pay for lost and/or damaged items according to the following details

4.1.1.  For lost, completely damaged or spoiled loan items are the publishers cost of the item and additional 20% service charge...

4.1.2.  For photocopy teaching materials or books 80 cents per page

4.1.3.  Recoverable damaged loan items.10% of the cost of books

4.1.4. Lost/damaged borrower’s card (pocket) must be reported to the circulation desk officers immediately. When Customers lose their membership cards/pocket/, they are required to report the case immediately to the library. For replacement of The lost pocket (borrower’s card) will be 10:00 birr per each card

4.2. The price of lost books will be searched from different sources such as publisher’s price or catalogue or websites by technical service workers (cataloguer, classifiers and team leaders) then the library director or v/director should approve it.

4.3. If the price of the lost books cannot be found from different sources, the technical workers will estimate the price based on the price of similar books and approved by library directors.

4.4.  After the price of lost or damaged books is defined, the user should pay the fines to the university finance directorate and should submit the copy of receipt to the library.

4.5. Any user, who marks, disfigures and mutilates library books and equipment may pay the full cost of replacement. In addition such user may be subject to loss of library privileges, rustication or any other appropriate action as decided by the disciplinary committee.

5.Library Collection Weeding:

5.1. One of the justifications for weeding of library resources islimited on the space available to preserve additional collection.Other reasons for weeding of library collection include the fact that the material and information may be out of date, deteriorated physically and better editions of a specific title may be available in the library.

5.2. When the libraries do not weed regularly or consistently, customers have trouble finding relevant materials. Therefore, the ultimate aim of weeding must be to increase accessibilityand improve efficiency.

5.3. The books to be weeded from the library will be carefully selected by technical workers and circulation team leaders by consulting subject instructors and then approved by the university material disposal committee.

5.4. After the university disposal committee approves the selected materials of books to be discarded, the materials could be sent to the university store office. The store office could donate some of the books to the surrounding colleges or schools or sale by kilo or arrange them for recycle purpose.

6.Disciplinary Issues in the Library:

6.1. Silence should be maintained in the library. Readers must not be engaged in conversation in the library which is likely to cause disturbance to other readers.

6.2. Mobile phones should be switched off or in a silent mode. Using mobile phones in the library is strictly forbidden.

6.3. Group discussion is not allowed in the library except in the discussion room.

6.4. Writing and drawing on books, tables and walls of the library are strictly forbidden. and results punishments

6.5. Moving chairs and table etc…, from place to place is not allowed.

6.6. Users should participate to keep the library clean and tidy by disposing scrap papers only in the basket provided (not left on tables, chairs, shelves or floor.)

6.7. Smoking in any section of the library is absolutely forbidden.

6.8. Food or any kinds of drinks and noise creating equipment are not allowed i.e. users shall not bring food, drink and bottles of ink, or any substance harmful to the library collections and property or liable to disturb others.

6.9. Users can not reserve reading/ study places by leaving their belongings on the table.

6.10. Illegal possession of library materials, transfer of ID card or pocket from person to person to borrow books is strictly forbidden and illegal (which results punishment.)

6.11. Bags, briefcases, hats, slippers, Umbrellas, and hard soled shoes that could create noises etc… should not be brought in the library. They should be kept in the checking point of entrance.

6.12. Users must conduct themselves in a good manner when using the library. Offensive behavior is not permitted in the library.

6.13. The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises for short time if he is found to be violating any of library rules

7.Theft and Mutilation/damage library materials:

7.1.  Users are required to be checked for inspection at the check point of entrance. And put their belongings on the place reserved or provided. Disciplinary measures can be taken against users attempt to remove library resources without permission and who refuse to be checked by the library staff.

7.2. The university considers theft, mutilation, or tampering with library books and equipment by any user to be a serious offence and punishment.

7.3.  Offenders will be liable to suspension of the privilege of access to the library facilities. Legal actions and/or other penalties may be sanctioned by the library and university.

7.4. Theft or mutilation of library materials includes:

  1. Deliberate misplacement of library materials.
  2. Writing on and damaging library materials
  3. The mutilation of books, journals or other materials
  4. Unauthorized removal of materials from the library
  5. Falsification of circulation records buy willful use of a wrong ID card
  6. Defacing the due date slip is a serious offence

7.5. All Library users are obligated to follow the rules of the library.

7.6. The university library has the right to suspend any users who does not follow the library rules. Such decisions will be made by the director or assistant director of the library. Suspensions may be applied to both borrowing and visiting rights.

7.7. Serious and repeated violation of this regulation may result in disciplinary as well as legal measures.

8.Library Clearance:

8.1     All students, instructors and administrative staffs are required to clear their library account when leaving the university.

8.2     Library director can provide a clearance to academic staff and supportive staff if and only if the college team leaders and library book store officer of the library approves the clearance.

8.3. Without returning books and pockets, all users cannot get clearance from the library.

 9.Complaints Procedure:

9.1.  Users are encouraged to make suggestions and comments about library services on public. ‘You say’ ‘we say’ board’ in the library, by putting their complaints on suggestion box or books or by taking to the library director.

9.2. The formal complaints could be addressed on the following issues such as:

  1. The service delivered by the library is unsatisfactory
  2. Library staff responsible for delivering an appropriate service
  3. Library policy is wrong or unfair

9.3. The following formal procedure could be used if the users wish to claim:

Step1. Bring your complaint to the circulation and attendant officersimmediately. The officers will try to solve your complain and explain the reasons.

Step2. If you are not satisfied or if you have a written complaint, thecirculation and attendant team leaders will investigate your complaints and reply to you in writing within 3 working days.

Step3. If you are not satisfied in the way in which your complaint has been handled or if the complaint is of a very serious nature, you should contact the library director or his deputy. Your comments or complaints will be given due attention and a written response will be sent to you within 5 working days.


This rule and regulation will be implemented in to practice after the senate of the university approves it. All or part of this rule and regulations may be changed and the library will post all such changes on the library notice board, website or through any other appropriate means.


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