Research and Community Service

The main aim of DBU Research and Community Service is to solve the socio economic problems and to transfer knowledge and technology that improves the livelihood of customers/community.


  1. The missions of research and community service core business process (RCSCBP) are:

  • To undertake research and investigation and to disseminate their results accordingly;
  • To give due service to the community;
  • To establish contact for collaboration with different institutions;
  • To give support for 1st and 2nd cycle level schools and for various institutions;
  • To encourage surveys and investigations which are conducted on the fields given priority;
  • To establish local and global contact with various institutions;
  • To prepare and publish educational journals and news papers;
  • To organize undertake seminars, workshops and symposium.

       2. Goals

  • Conduct top quality research out put;
  • Develop development oriented customer services;
  • Ensure sustainability through business enterprises and active community participation;


Communications Affairs Directorate 

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Hailemariam Birke (PhD)

DBU President