Gender Office

Gender Office Directorate


By 2012 Seeing Debre Berhan University a front runner among the Ethiopian universities that gives attention for gender issue.


  • Producing competent and competitive female students.
  • Reducing the level of attrition of females students
  • Making gender issue part and parcel of the responsibility of the members, of DBU community
  • Enabling female students and female workers to exercise decision making during their stay in DBU
  • Enabling females get access to various information to help them protect themselves gender violence and harassment
  • Creating conductive and convenient academic environment for female students


  • Quality Services
  • Prioritizing female students
  • Productivity
  • Gender equality
  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Prioritizing in service delivery
  • Excellency in service delivery
  • Team working
  • Justice


  • Reducing gender gap by creating gender sensitive academic environment
  • Enhance female students’ academic performance through different mechanisms.
  • Working towards solving gender related problems of the college’s female students and the university community.
  • To ensure all systems of the college as well as the University at large are gender responsive and sensitive


To create awareness on the gender gap that is observed among university and surrounding communities’ and to build the capacity of female students to make them successful.


The gender office of Deberbrehan University, at first, Established as women affairs office.

The women’s Affairs office, then was renamed as gender office Directorate for two reasons for one thing, the University has given due attention.   For another, The Office has expanded towards working on gender issues.

The office is working to gather with gender focal persons at college . Currently there are nine gendersfocal persons ateach college. The gender office directorate is accountable to the president office.

This office facilitates guides and supervises special activities directed to assist students & workers, with more attention to females, to be successful in their duty.


  • Facilitation of activities the office planned to support female students such as tutorial on academic issue, training on assertiveness , study skill, life skills and other related areas.
  • Establishing and supervising female students club activities
  • Motivating outstanding students especially females by providing awards,
  • Involving in all of the University activities planned to promote female participation in various extra curricula activities.
  • Strengthening female students’ Library service.
  • Provide advice and counseling services.
  • Facilitate economic and Material support for needy female and male students.
  • Conduct gender related researches.
  • Initiate staffs to participate on researches, seminars/conferences related to gender issues
  • Empower female students.


  • High female attrition rate on reproductive health Unable to reach every female student in particular and the community in general.
  • No NGO working with our office


Currently the office has 4 administrative staffs member;9 gender focal persons in each college.i.e. Director, 2 Gender officers, 1 Secretary, 9 gender focal persons


Phone – 0116816805/251118900592

E-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Our office welcomes any partners, individuals, GOS& NGOS, international & local to work with as on the betterment of female students in particular and DBU student in general. 







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Haimanot Bichil

Director, Gender Office, Directorate



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Hailemariam Birke (PhD)

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