DBU graduates over 3230 students

Debre Berhan University graduated over 3230  students  on July 2, 2017 at main hall. 

On the occasion, Ato Getachew Tefera,DBU President, said that graduates are obliged to contribute their knowledge and skills they got through their stay at the university for their country’s GTP II plan.Though you gradute today,you begin your new chapter from which you taught yourself through life experiences. 

As he said Debre Berehan University is now on the right track to envision its mission in 2020 G.C that is to be chosen university in Ethiopia.DBU at its 10th anniversary opened 2 new campasus around Angolela of Basonaworana woreda for college of Institute and Hakim Gizaw Memorial for College of Medicene.It is great success for the university to achieve its mission.

Ato Getachew declared that DBU senate has made a decission to name two libraries by a famous authors namely,the main library by father of letters called Tesfa Gebresilassie “Ewokete Yisfafa Dinkurina Yitfa”.The social science library named by the name of greate author,diplomat horerable Dr.Kebede Micheal.

Finally,best achievers have given rewards of medals and cups.From all the under graduate students Betelhem Getaneh from Business and Economics College won the university’s medals of the academic year.   


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Hailemariam Birke (PhD)

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