DBU Celebrates International Women’s Day

Debre Berhan University celebrated international women’s day under the slogan “Enhancement of women’s saving culture is the pivot for our rennaissance” on march 8,2017 at the main hall.

The programme was  coordinated by Gender and cross cutting issues directorate. 

On the occasion Dr. Almaz Afera,Research and Community Service Vice President, made a welcoming speech.She said that women’s in their country consists of half of the community and therefore, they should be active particpants in the development of the country as well as their welbeings.Furthermore, she noted women to be self assertive and confidence in struggling the operation  against them comemorating the patriots of their country. She also inquired the community to eradicate harmful traditional practices and to create effective women leadership. As to her, enhancement of saving culture should be made in the university among adminstrative staffs and students and should create awarenes about saving.
W/ro Tizita Gebeyehu,Lecturer, economics Department,Presented paper for the panal discussion entitled “Women’s Economic Empowerment”. She forwarded the assignment that is expected from parents, government, students and the university  to enhance saving and to empower women.On her  presentation, she underlined that saving has to be started from a match stick and to avoid extravagance. 
W/ro Yetnebershe Nigusie, invited  guest, made an inspirational speech and share her experince. The Participants gave suggestions, opinions and asked  questions  on the paper presented and the experience of the guest.
Finally, outstanding femal students of the first year of 2009 E.C have been given rewads by the university president. Ato Getachew Tefera,DBU president, made a closing remarks. He disclosed that empowering women is not only the matter of economy it is also a matter of political commitment. He also confirmed that the action should be taken to ensure equality of women in all aspect so as to create midlle income country.  


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