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The College of Computing was reported to have originated from the Information Technology Education Program, which was housed inside the College of Business and Economics, when Debre Berhan University first opened its doors in 1999. Beginning in 1999 E.C., Computing College (previously Information Technology Education Program) enrolled 75 students in its regular program, including 18 females and 57 males in one department. However, the College of Computing has increased the number of degree programs from one degree program to four (4) and has offered two (2) graduate programs. At present, our number of students is 401 in regular, 227 in weekend and 615 in summer program. At present, our number of students has reached 401 in normal, 227 on weekends and 615 in summer program. We currently have 159 postgraduate students and 1243 undergraduate students enrolled. A total of 4173 undergraduate students, 1744 regular students, 360 extension students, 2069 summer undergraduate students, and 679 postgraduate students have since graduated from the college of computing.

The College of Computing aims at graduating well-trained national workforce in the field of computer technology, capable of effectively taking part in consolidating the knowledge community which leads to realizing national development plans. The College of Computing achieves this by providing an ideal knowledge environment, congenial for acquiring skills in learning, research and innovation, and by implementing well-designed academic plans for various programs, which prepare graduates for a bright future and up-to-date knowledge in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Software Engineering.



Pioneer college in teaching and academic research at local and regional levels in the areas of CS,IS,IT,CN and SE through offering locally and internationally accredited programs aiming at state of the art learning .



To qualify specialized and excellent workforce in the field of CS,IS,IT,CN and SE to contribute to community service through a variety of programs, to carry out research addressing IT real life problems, and to offer consultancy and training services in the specialization of the college in a first-class pedagogical environment in the Mission of the university.


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