College of Engineering

College of Engineering

Debre Berhan University, College of Engineering was established in 2009 G.C. The college becomes operational in the 2009/10 academic year after enrolling in the Department of Electrical& computer Engineering and Civil Engineering fields. Since then, it has gone through various capacity building programs and reforms to gate into current status. Since 2010/12, the number of its Department has lifted up to five in addition with Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Construction technology and Management fields. More over the college was completed its preparation and launched additional there departments, such as Surveying Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Food Engineering in 2018/19.

Laboratory facilities are well organized in some department and also now proceeding to equipped the remaining department as well. In the last 10-12 years a number of grant research and project work was finalized in our college from each department, massive staff members was participate on it. The college is also providing a variety of community service to local institution and the community.



To remain the source of pride for the nation through excellence in technological education, research and innovation



To produce competent professionals in various fields of technology and engineering through undergraduate and graduate studies

To expand and conduct technology transfer, consultancy service, community engagement that impacts the lives of people and enhances income generation

To conduct research and innovation that contributes to industrial and national development needs


Undergraduate programs


Postgraduate programs