Research Studies

Research studies conducted by our staff under the sponsorship of the University 


Research Title



Environmental Impact Assessment in North Shewa Zone, Amhara Regional State: the Law and the Practice

Zekarias Beshah and Tesfaye Ayalew


An Assessment of Trans-boundary Human Trafficking for Domestic Workers in Arab States: the Case of North Shewa and Oromia Zones of ANRS

Muluken Yitayh and Honelign Hailu


The Status of Prisoners Rights and Administration of Penitentiary Justice as an Instrumentality for the Reformation of Prisoners: A Case Study of Shewa Robbit Prison

Tesfaye Ayalew and Zekarias Beshah


Rethinking Perjury Crimes under FDRE Criminal Code: The Case Of The Northern Shoa Criminal Justice System

Yilkal Hassabie and Sisay Hailu


The Political Empowerment of Women in North Showa, Amhara Region: A myth or a reality under the Laws?

Sisay Hailu and Yilkal Hassabie


Assessment of Challenges Related to the Right and

Administration of Prisoners’ Property: The Case of North Shewa Zone Prison Centers

Honelign Hailu and Muluken Yitayh


Critical Analysis on the Normative Frameworks Governing the Physical Accessibility of Public Buildings to Persons with Disabilities and their Practical Implementation: The Case of Bahir Dar, Debre Birhan and Dessie

Atikilt Fetene and Zekarias Beshah


Assessment on the Duty to Assign Assistant for the Blind Teachers of the Amhara National Regional State Government Education Bureau

Yilkal Hassabie and Sisay Debalkie


A Critical Analysis of the Enforcement Framework of Consumer Protection in Amhara Region North Shoa Zone: Challenges and Prospects

Goytom Afera and Damtew Admasu


The Practice, Challenges and Prospects of Community Policing in North Shewa Zone

Muluken Yitayh and Melese Wondmagegnehu


The Legal Protection of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge In Ethiopia: The Quest for Optimal Modality of Protection with Special Focus on the ANRS, North Shoa Zone

Melese Wondmagegnehu and Asrat Adugna


Corporal Punishment in Ethiopian Schools: is it the New Threat to the Right to Education? – A Case Study in the A/N/R/S, North Shoa Zone

Asrat Adugna and Melese Wondmagegnehu


Development and Management of Children of Imprisoned Parents Vis-a-Vis Child Rights in Ethiopia: the Case of North Shoa Zone Prisons

Damtew Admasu and Goytom Afera


Assessment of Violence and Its Associated Factors of Persons With Disability in North Shoa Zone’ under the Mega Research titled ‘Challenges of Persons with Disability: Sexuality, Violence, Malnutrition and Inaccessibility to Quality Education and SRH Service in North Showa Zone’

Yilkal Hassabie is one of the six principals in this mega research


Assessment of the Level and Impact of Sexual Harassment on Quality Education in North Shewa Zone’ under the Mega Research titled ‘The Challenges of Quality Education in Amhara Regional State Education Institutions, North Showa Zone in Focus’

Atkilt Fetene is one of the six principals in this mega research