102 Tran’s boarder volunteers arrive at Debere Berhan University

102 Tran’s boarder volunteers arrived at Debre Berhan University on August 10, 2018 G.C. The volunteers will serve the community in different activities like planting trees, cleaning the compound, helping the disabled, elders, and vulnerable people.

According to Ato Melese Wondimagegnehu, Dean of Student Service, and Administrative and Student Service Acting Vice President, Debre Berhan University will give bed, cafeteria, clinic and transport services during their stay at Debre Berhan University.

The volunteers on their part said that there were inconsistencies and discomforts when they arrived here in DBU. They asked the concerned bodies to solve such problems like suitable bed service as the place is very cold and most of them were from hot areas.

The team coordinators asked forgiveness on the behalf of the Amhara Region coordinators for the inconvenience they encounter. They said that the problem will be solved as soon as possible along with Debre Berhan university management.