Consultative Workshop Holds

DebreBerhan University in collaboration with Amhara National Regional State Industrial Park Development DebreBerhan Branch held consultative workshop 

along with industrialists, investors and stakeholders on October 25/2018 G.C. at PR hall.

On the opening ceremony, Dr. Almaz Afera, Vice President for Research and Community Service, made a welcoming speech. She said that industries are emerging alarmingly in Debreberhan town and these industries need to be linked to the Universities. Universities are mandated to conduct researches which enhance and promote the production, efficiency and profitability of the industries. She added that without research any industry cannot be productive and profitable. Universities are the source of theoretical knowledge and this theoretical knowledge should be practical in industries. Therefore, Universities and industries should create linkage. This forum would help us to deal with drawbacks and reach consensus and work jointly with industries.

Ato Yeshitila Mulugeta, DebreBerhan Industry Park Development Branch manager, verified the importance of this consultative workshop. As to him the participation of manufacturers and stakeholders is vital to promote and use the community. He added that alleviating the problems which the industrialists and manufacturers faced during implementation of their project is key role for the industry park office. There are about 188 industries in DebreBerhan under different level of construction and of which 17 industries showed great progress and then the office rewarded certificate for them.

Dr.Seife Getaneh,DebreBerhan University  Industry Linkage Directorate Director, presented DBU’s endeavor towards promoting, researching and helping industries around the University. He stressed on the scientific framework and the relevance of University Industry Linkage. He also focused on the problems which encountered from industries.

Finally, the participants raised questions which make them delayed from production. Some of the problems they mentioned were lack of infrastructures like road, electricity and scares of water.

The stakeholders from each office gave answers to the questions the industrialist’s raised. They promised to work jointly and enhanced the development of the sector.  




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