Awards Given

Ministry of Education, Gender Affairs Directorate, awarded prizes to female students  who score high grades and their respected teachers who made them score better grades, and to DBU’s medium officials for the efforts they made in the year 2008 E.C.

The prize was helpful to motivate the students to join Natural Science and Engineering streams. 

On the ceremony, Dr.Hailemariam Birkie, Academic Vice president, said that half of the communities are women. Due to our perception that we had, women were disfavored in earlier times, and therefore empowering them economically, politically and socially is valuable. As he said, though the participation of female students is increasing from time to time, those who joined in Science and Engineering departments are minimal. Such kind of award will motivate them to join in Science and Engineering departments and to break the silence and the perception that most girls think they are not able to be effective in these fields. He thanked the lecturers and students for their hard working which will be a string-board for cascading their best practices to other departments and colleges. 

W/ro Elsabet Gebresilassie, MOE Gender Affairs Directorate Director, on her part said that the main objective of this prize is to motivate female students to join in science and engineering streams.She reminded the audience that DBU stood 1st among second generation universities in 2008 E.C.Therefore,organizing such kind of program is important for the success of the students.
W/ro Haimanot Bichil, DBU Gender and Cross-cutting issues Directorate Director, Presented the directorate’s 9 month performance report. Finally, 10 female students, three lecturers and, two medium officials were given prizes.