DBU Delivers Training to Police Officers

Debreberhan University College of law delivered training on criminal law and its procedures   as of March 27-29, 2017 for three days for police officers from North Shoa Zone of Amhara region.

The objectives of the training are creating awareness on the code of criminal law and the way of handling criminals. The officers are also responsible for eradicating maladministration and securing good governance in the country.

On the opening, Dr. Temesgen Tibebu, Director for Community Service, made a welcoming speech. He announced that Debreberhan University Research and Community Service Directorate strives to serve the community in three areas. These are training, research and counseling on legal issues. As he said this training is organized by college of law up on request by the Zone Police Department. 
He also said that trainees are expected to execute effective criminal administration as the country has been passed through deep renewal and therefore police officers are obliged to secure good governance and tackle maladministration which is the country’s great problems now a days.After the training Debre Berhan University will conduct first,the impact assessment on the progress of the trainee’s performance. Second, the benefit that the officers got from this training and what the community’s level of satisfaction is as a result of the training offered.
Finally,lecturers from college of law started giving  training on theories of human rights.