Women children and youth directorate

Addis Asfawesen
Women children and youth directorate director


The issue of women, children, youth as well as HIV and disabled people has been given a lot of attention by the government, among which our university is focusing on coordinating the issues of youth, HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support for the disabled. In this process, female students, leaders, administrative staff and teachers in the university will work extensively by designing various strategies and preparing plans to increase their participation in the university's activities and ensure their benefit. As shown, in 2011E.C, by opening a day care centre in the campus and providing services, a lot of work has been done for women to be effective in their work. In addition to making female students successful in their studies, various supports are provided in the form of training, tutorials, economic support, and mentorship. In order to create a comfortable environment for disabled students in the university and enable them to be successful in their studies, it works by establishing a disabled care and support centre to provide them with various services, including free photocopying services, educational materials, financial support, computer lab services, and basic areas where disabled students can move around the campus. Also, efforts will be made to make the students effective in their studies by providing them with psychological counselling and various trainings due to the psychological pressure they are under. In general, our directorate will plan and implement the multi-faceted works of our institution, and will ensure that they are included in the general works of our institution, and will monitor their implementation.


In 2020, the university will be seen as an effective and preferred institution among the universities in Ethiopia by dealing with various issues (gender, HIV and disabled).

  • To produce competent and competitive women in their studies,
  • To create a comfortable environment for female teachers and administrative staff to spend with their children and make them work effectively by working calmly,
  • To reduce the number of female students who drop out of school for various reasons, to provide them with counselling services.
  • To ensure that multi-sectorial issues (gender, HIV and disabled people) are organized as part of their work for all parties.
  • Coordinating for people with HIV/AIDS to receive the necessary support and care
  • Making our university free from sexual violence and making it comfortable for women
  • Providing support and care for disabled teachers, staff and students
  • Around various issues (gender, HIV/AIDS and disabled people)
Duties and Responsibilities
  • To create awareness for the university community about the issue of women, children and youth
  • To ease the problems of female employees working in the university and to make them effective in their work, to provide services by keeping their children in day care
  • To ensure that children have the rights and safety that they deserve Creating in a convenient way
  • Helping/encouraging the female students who enter the institution to be effective in their studies.
  • Creating awareness so that young students in the institution do not become subject to various drug addictions.
  • To ensure gender equality in the institution.
  • Inspires individuals, communities and organizations to create a movement against HIV AIDS.
  • Encouraging the inclusion of multi-faceted issues (gender, HIV and the disabled) through various guidelines issued by the institution.
  • Encouraging women to participate in various associations and organizations to protect their rights and interests/facilitating/coordinating them to organize/
  • Providing support and care for disabled teachers, employees and students
  • Providing counselling services to students facing social and psychological problems.
  • Working in partnership with partner organizations working on multi-faceted issues (gender, HIV and disability issues)
  • Male 1 female 26 total 27
  • 2 masters, 6 Degree 17 diploma total 27