Community Service and Engagement Directorate

Kasahun Bekele (DVM, MSc, Asst. prof)
Specialized in Veterinary epidemiology and economics Community Service and Engagement Directorate Director
Community Service and Engagement Directorate

Debere Derhan University (DBU) is one of the public higher learning institutions in Ethiopia, established in 2007 G. C. by decree No. 61/1999 of the council of Ministers of Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia. However, based on the higher educational institution differentiation policy the university classified as applied university. Whereas, it is clearly stipulated in the Higher Education Proclamation No. 1152/2019 and accordingly in the University Senate Legislation that knowledge based community service is one of the duties of the academic staff of Higher Learning Institutions.

It is expected that most community service projects to be the results of prior research engagements of staff. Ultimately, research should result in either intervention to solve community problems (community service project) or innovation idea to be commercialized and disseminated to community (technology transfer project/community service project). Understood in this way, there is strong linkage between research, technology transfer and community service activities. However, the idea for community service project can come from variety of sources and it is not a must that a community service project should be preceded by research project by the same staff. Yet, the need for the community service project has to be justified by evidence from research findings of others, need assessment by the community service team or demand from the community or organizations.

Accordingly all community service activities are made and geared to be demand driven, problem solving and within the university’s thematic areas (education quality and relevance, Food security and nutrition, Resource management Ecotourism, renewable power supply and cross cutting issues). The directorate specifically is responsible for the provision of knowledge based community service activities that can enhance University community partnership. For instance the university has four sites for free legal aid service at Showarobit town, Chacha, Deber Berhan prison and Debre Berhan 04 kebele. Additionally the university has five sites for practical community engagement activities with different agro ecology at the University, Showarobit, Chacha, Ankober and Mintamer /Berhat wereda/ for different disciplines like agriculture, health, integrated agriculture (aquaculture, fishery and horticulture), etc. In addition the university is delivering several voluntary services by participating the university students, staffs, the community and others partners.

The office of community engagement directorate works with different local organization and foreign organizations on various projects. Some of the local partner organizations are public Universities, industries, NGOS, schools, regional and zonal offices, research center, etc.; Furthermore, the university work with international organizations like CDC, Caltiv Aid, ILIR, ICARDA, USAID…..

Starting from establishment of the directorate office more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) community members are benefited by knowledge based community service activities. Within this academic year the directorate office working with different partners focusing on community problem solving projects. The major projects of the directorate office are Menze sheep breed improvement project, improved crops seed multiplication project, Dairy cow improvement project, water shade management project, Science culture and E-learning establishment project, Establishment of Health Information System project, Tourism resource documentation and mapping project, urban agriculture and others. In generally Deber Berhan University is working to solve the community problems in sustainable way through knowledge based activities.

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