Senate Members

Debre Berhan University Senate Members

S/N Name Responsibility Email
1 Nigus Tadesse (PhD) President
2 Dereje Andargie (PhD) Vice President for Academic Affairs
3 Azmeraw Ayehu (PhD) Vice President for Research & Community Service
4 Ato Derje Ajibie Vice President for Administrative & Student Service
5 Yeshireg Getaneh (PhD) Vice President for Business Development yeshareg,
6 Dr. Tewodros k/yohanes Asrat Woldeyes Health Science Campus Chief Executive Director
7 Asratemedihin Bekele (phD) Registrar Directorate Director
8 Gezahegn Degfie (PhD) Research, Publications and Dissemination Executive Directorate Director
9 Zewdu Nahusenai (PhD) Lecturer in Amharic Language & Literature in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities
10 Ashenafi Tsegaye (PhD) Lecturer at the College of Education
11 Mesfine W/Aregay(PhD) Dean of Natural & Computational Science
12 Ato Sileshi Tilahun Technology Institute Expansion project coordinator
13 Ato Alemnew Melkamu Student Service Directorate Director
14 Ato Worku Woldie Common Courses Coordinating Dean
15 Kibebe Tsehay (PhD) Library & Documentation Directorate Director
16 Tesfaye Tefera (PhD) Dean of Post Graduate College
17 Sisay Mulate (PhD) Dean of Business & Economics College
18 Ato Seid Ali Beyan Registrar Directorate System Administrator
19 Ato Yeshalem Gezahegn Dean of Computing College
20 Beminet Abegaz (PhD) Dean of Agriculture & Natural Resource college
21 Seid Mohammed (PhD) Quality Education & Relevance Directorate Director
22 Hailu Terefe (PhD) Shewa Robit Integrated Development Project Director
23 Seife Getaneh (PhD) Distance & Continuing Educ. Director
24 Gebre Tafere (PhD) Dean of Social Science & Humanity
25 Ato Kitaw Abraham Dean of Engineering
26 Dr.Awraris Hailu Asrat W/S Health Science Campus Chief Director for Research & Community Service
27 W/ro Akilil Semu Coordinator for Quality Education & Relevance at Asrat Woldeyes Health Science College
28 Ato Damtew Admasu Dean of Law College
29 Awoke Tadesse (PhD) Lecturer in Physics at the Natural & Computational College
30 Getnet Ashenafi (PhD) Chief Director of Academic Program
31 Dr. Tilahun Derese Chief Director of Academic in AWHSC
32 W/ro Addis Asfawosen Director of Women, Children & Youth Directorate
33 Ato Gizaw Birhanu President of DBU Teachers’ Association
34 DBU Student Union President