Local Partnership

Local Partners

S/N Local partner’s National peer universities Remarks Local partner’s
1. Ministry of Health Medda walabu university
2. Addis Abeba university (black line hospital) pharmacy department Addis Abeba Science and Technology University Partner with Ankober Project
3. Armor Hansen research institute Wolaita sodo university Partner with AWHSC and Ankober project
4. Alert hospital research center Bahirdar University Partner with AWHSC and Ankober project
5. Ethiopian chemical and construction input research center/development institute Wondogenet University
6. Wondogenet aromatic medicinal plants research institute
7. Human Rights Commission
8. Innovation and technology minister
9. Ethiopian Intellectual property right authority
10. EEA
11. EDRI
12. NBE
13. ALPHASOL modular energy
14. Armauer Hansen research institute(AHRI) Ready to sign project-based MOU
15. North Shewa Zone High Court
16. North Shewa Zone Justice Department
17. Addis Ababa University-Centre for Human Rights
18. FDRE Justice and Legal Institute
20. MoFED
21. WIPO
22. Debre Birhan City
23. FDRE Justice and Legal Institute
24. Debre Birhan City
25. Revenue and customs Authority