International Partnership

International Partners

S/N International partner’s Project-based MOU MOU without project Remarks
1. Hamburg university Traditional medicine unit
2. USAID Feth Activity in Ethiopia Ongoing project on IDP and free legal aid
3. Kings College
4. London; EECM-DFFC
5. Bio and Emerging Technology Institute Two completed projects and one ongoing project on integrated solid waste management
6. Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA) and Ethio-Dutch Horticultural Development Program (EDHDP) completed project on solid waste management from floriculture industries
7. East African lions brand shared company
8. Russian Science Academy Ongoing project on Hermitia illucence flies
9. International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) Ongoing project on sericulture
10. L’Universite Paris 8 Ready to lunch new joint PhD program
11. University of ordea
12. Leibniz institute for tropospheric research(TROPOS)
13. Africa 118
15. BLDEAS SSM college of pharmacy and research center
16. University of south Africa
17. University of Meryland, college park,USA It was project-based MOU not continued
18. The university of Paris 1 PANTHEON-SORBONNE
19. FrTL creative labs,USA
20. The university of Paris 1 PANTHEON-SORBONNE
21. Pathfinder, international
22. Cultive Aid
23. Catering and Tourism Training Institute(CTTI)
24. French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE)
25. Paris 1 University
26. Addis Ababa University-Centre for Human Rights
27. Bio-Innovate Africa Completed project on coffee waste management from coffee processing industries