College of Graduate Studies

  • Tesfaye Tefera (PhD)
  • Dean, College of graduate studies
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Graduate Programs of Debre Berhan University 2023(2015 E.C)

S/N Department Program /Fields of Specialization/ MA/MSc PhD
1. Animal Science Animal Production
Animal Nutrition
Dairy Science & Technology
Veterinary Public Health (VPH)
2. Soil & Water Management
Soil Science
Hydrology & Water Resource Management
Climate & Sustainable Development
Environmental Science
Geographic Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing
Soil and Water Conservation
3. Plant Science Agronomy
Plant Protection
Soil Science
4. Horticulture Horticulture
5. Agri-Economics Rural Transformation Management
6. Accounting & Finance Accounting & Finance
7. Management Business Administration
Project Management
8. Marketing Marketing Management
9. Economics Development Economics
Environment & Natural Resource Economics
10. Logistics Logistics & Supply Chain Management
11. Tourism Tourism & Hospitality Management
12. Information Systems Information Systems
13. Information Technology Computer Networks & Security
14. Education Curriculum & Instruction
15. Mechanical Eng. Motor Vehicle Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineering
16. Chemical Eng. Process Engineering
17. Industrial Eng. Manufacturing & Production System Eng.
18. Elec. & Comp. Eng. Electrical Power Engineering
19. Law Business & Investment Law
20. Biology Botanical Science
Zoological Science
Applied Microbiology
21. Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
22. Physics Nuclear Physics
Solid State Physics
Material Science
23. Mathematics Mathematical Modeling
Differential Equation
24. Sport Sport Science Management
25. Statistics Biostatistics
26. Amharic Teaching Amharic (TEAM)
27. English Teaching English as Foreign Language
28. Geography Environment & Sustainable Development
Urban Development & Management
29. Psychology Early Childhood Development Care & Educ.
Developmental Psychology
Special Needs & Inclusive Education
30. History History & Heritage Management
31. Health Officer MPH in General Public Health
MPH in Epidemiology
MPH in Reproductive Health
MPH in Health Service Management
MPH in Public Health Nutrition
Maternity & Reproductive Health
Public Health /Epidemiology/
32. Nursing Adult Health Nursing
Pediatrics Nursing
Maternity & Reproductive Health Nursing
Medical Pharmacology
Medical Physiology
Medical Microbiology
Midwifery & Women's Health
Total 69 5
Remark: All the Academic Programs have fulfilled the necessary requirements, approved and launched.