Research, Publication and Dissemination Directorate

Gezahegn Degfie (PhD)
Research, Publications and Dissemination Executive Directorate Director
Research, Publication and Dissemination Executive Director Directorate at DBU

Taking into account the reform in the University, coupled with the responsibility commended to the institution by the Government, DBU has recently welcomed a new approach of becoming a pre-eminent applied university in Ethiopia. The change at DBU underlines that research should be applicable and proactively respond to the industrial and national demand of generating and disseminating new knowledge, research outputs and technology, strengthening and developing the capacity of students in applied science and technology.

The new research policy stipulates research shall be conducted in the most cost-effective and responsive manner, and be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in its scope, and thematic in its approach. Among the many changes brought in the directorate is the upgrading of the research office to the level of executive directorate along the inclusion of soil laboratory, Shewarobit Integrated Agriculture Research Center and Ankober Indigenous Knowledge and Herbal Medicine Development Center as an important wing of the office. These changes are anticipated to offer efficient and enabling situations for the University to enhance its transformational agenda in line with its vision, missions, and goals.

Strategic Objectives to Guide Research at DBU

Create an enabling, harmonious, transparent and efficient environment for the development of applied and competitive research projects, execution of research and dissemination of research findings

Strengthen research management and coordination by guiding the development and execution of research in an organized way as Centrally guided thematic research, College based small grant research, Student research and Collaborative research;

Ensure the relevance of researches undertaken within DBU, making them relevant and akin to the thematic area of the university as well as Growth and Development Plan of the country;

Enhance research and publications culture among senior, junior staff and students;

Improve the gender responsiveness of the University through research

Institutionalize research ethics and ensure good conduct of research

Ensure transparency and accountability in research planning, funding, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation;

Support periodic research symposium on interdisciplinary topics dealing with critical national issues and research problems.

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4. University industry linkage Directorate