Debre Berhan University Launches University-Industry Linkage Advisory Board


Debre Berhan University took a significant step forward on December 23, 2023, by establishing the University-Industry Linkage Advisory Board during a forum held at Harmony Hotel in Addis Ababa. Dr. Nigus Tadesse, the President of Debre Berhan University, articulated the university active pursuit of its mission under the higher education proclamation as a comprehensive institution. However, with the recent reclassification designating the university as an Applied Science University, focus has shifted to practical-oriented teaching, research, and technology transfer. This transition has led to a dedicated effort to align the university activities with its new mandate by identifying priority fields of study.

Dr. Nigus emphasized the critical role of stakeholders and industries in this transition, underlining the university commitment to seeking collaborations in research and technology transfer to address the evolving workforce demands of various industries. The formation of an effective University-Industry Linkage Advisory Board was highlighted as instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of this collaboration.

Professor Afework Kassu, the keynote speaker and Director for Armauer Hansen Research Institute, emphasized the essential role of industries in maintaining educational standards, highlighting the significance of forums like these. Professor Kassu suggested that Ethiopia could benefit from the experiences of other countries in Science and Technology development, focusing on human capital. He stressed the critical nature of the close linkage between universities and industries and advocated for structured working mechanisms. The timely establishment of the University-Industry Linkage Advisory Board was deemed essential for cultivating a highly skilled workforce.

The forum also featured a presentation of the establishment guidelines for the university-industry linkage council by Mr. Alebachew Goshime, followed by participatory discussions among attendees representing different esteemed organizations.

Mr. Fasil Woldegebriel, Component Manager of Universities of Applied Science at Ethio-German Sustainable Training and Education Program, presented reflections on key transition patterns from the University of Applied Science.

As a culminating step, Debre Berhan University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several national and international companies, demonstrating a dedication to maintaining quality and fostering a skilled workforce tailored to meet market demands.

The forum concluded with a closing speech by Mr. Tesfaye Negewo, a representative from MoE.