Debre Berhan University's Transformation towards Applied Science and International Accreditation


Following its recent reclassification as an Applied Science University, Debre Berhan University has redirected its focus towards pragmatic teaching, research, and technology transfer. This strategic shift has prompted a dedicated endeavor to realign the university's activities with its new mandate, emphasizing the identification of priority fields of study.

To fulfill its mission within this new mandate, the university has carefully revised its undergraduate curriculums, now in harmony with applied science principles and international accreditation criteria. Rigorous curriculum validation workshops have been conducted to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these alterations. During these validation sessions, an emphasis on Outcome-based Education (OBE) and international accreditation criteria has been central. Preceding the curriculum revision, extensive training sessions were held, focused on outcome-based education and international accreditation, with the participation of esteemed experts in the field.

Dr. Nigus Tadesse, the university's President, has underscored the essentiality of a paradigm shift for all academic staff members, charting a new course and working toward tangible outcomes. He accentuated the university's transition towards practical, outcome-based education and emphasized its aspiration to achieve international recognition.

The revised and state-of-the-art curriculums are set to greet the incoming undergraduate students. Every stakeholder is fervently dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of the students while creating a conducive academic environment across all campuses. Intensive efforts are currently underway to position the university as an internationally accredited institution across most of its programs.

Debre Berhan University is steadfast in its commitment to not only transitioning into the realm of applied science but also in pursuing international recognition through focused and rigorous work. With these ongoing efforts, the university is poised to attain international accreditation, marking a momentous leap towards global academic prominence.