Debre Berhan University Staff Prepare for the Upcoming National Exit Exam


Debre Berhan University staff engaged in discussions about the forthcoming national exit exam, scheduled for the first week of February 2024. The focus of the dialogue centered around effectively coordinating the national exit exam within the university. Various teams, ranging from university-level to operational workers, have been organized to ensure the successful administration of the national exit exam.

During the meeting, Dr. Nigus Tadesse, President of the university, briefed the staff on the strategies essential for the smooth conduct of the exit exam. Emphasizing the online nature of the exam, he stressed the importance of promptly verifying and rectifying any required infrastructure to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, he highlighted the necessity for proactive collaboration between the university's general service department and ICT directorate to oversee the functionality of essential infrastructures.

Following the discussion, all staff members expressed their preparedness to contribute to the successful execution of the exit exam. The meeting concluded with the president reiterating the key points and providing forward guidance on the upcoming tasks to be undertaken.