DBU participated in a workshop co-hosted by the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Education on strategic international engagements


Debre Berhan University has taken part in a two-day workshop jointly organized by the US Embassy and Ministry of Education from 16-17 January 2024. The workshop mainly targeted the point of developing strategic internationalization for higher education institutions in Ethiopia on their move toward becoming autonomous institutions. DBU was among the 15 universities selected to be part of this occasion (with only 5 from the 2nd generation and 3 from the University of Applied Sciences). The program was headed by Dr. Erich Dietrich, Vice Provost of New York University Abu Dhabi and an expert in the internationalization of higher education and equity in access to higher education. The workshop gave a chance to the Internationalization and Partnerships Directorate of DBU to share the DBUs journey so far in this regard and acquire best practices from other participant universities. It also allowed to contact the different section heads of the US Embassy and discuss on possible future collaborative initiatives.


Internationalization and Partnerships Directorate of DBU