Intel Corporation Engineers Visit Debre Berhan University


On May 8 and 9, 2024, senior engineers from Intel Corporation from USA visited Debre Berhan University (DBU). The delegation included Dr. Derssie Mebratu and Dr. Tesfaye (Senior AI Engineer and Professor, respectively). They were welcomed by Dr. Bethel Geremew, Director of International Relations and Partnership Directorate, and Dr. Getnet Ashenafi, Academic Vice President.

Intel Corporation had previously donated 10 High Performance Computing (HPC) servers and a switch to enhance DBU's ICT infrastructure. The engineers' visit aimed to assess the equipment's utilization.

Prior to their on-site visit, Dr. Yeshalem Gezahegn, Director of ICT Directorate at Debre Berhan University (DBU), presented a brief report to the representatives from Intel Corporation. The report covered DBU's current ICT infrastructure, future ICT road map and the status of the donated ICT equipment from Intel Corporation. This report provided the Intel representatives with a comprehensive overview of DBU's ICT capabilities and plans, as well as the impact of the donated equipment on the university's operations.

During the visit, Intel representatives confirmed the equipment's effective deployment and pledged continued support for academic, research, and innovation initiatives. They also emphasized DBU's role in digital transformation and community service, offering support in these areas.

The visit concluded with expressions of gratitude from DBU officials followed by the presentation of a recognition certificate to the representatives from the Academic Vice President, which had been prepared by the International Relations and Partnership Directorate.