The Ankober Herbal Medicine and Biodiversity Conservation Conducts Symposium


From Farm to Pharma for the Enhancement of Health Society” on December 6,2018 at PR hall.

On the occasion,Dr.Almaz Afera, Vice President for Research and Community Service, made a welcoming speech. She disclosed that this symposium would help to enhance the health of the society when such researches conducted in the field.  

 Dr.Hailemariam Birkie, DebreBerhan University President, made an opening speech. He said that Ethiopia has many biodiversity which is helpful for the preparation of traditional medicine. He further explained that traditional healers know medicinal plants very well and they should work in preserving, modernizing and transferring to the next generation working jointly with researchers. He thanked the stakeholders who worked and supported for traditional medicines healers.

Dr.Amare Ayalew,Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and BDC Project Director, presented the project’s progress report and the future plan in which DUB wantes to accomplish.As to him, creating market linkage and benefiting the community at large and establishing IRB and IP police are the main activities.

Three research papers entitled “Ethinomedicinal research in Ethiopia:Past Achievements and Future Prospects, Traditional Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment of Viral and Fungal Infections in Ethiopia: Ethnobotanical Approach Systematic Review, and Examine Ziziphus Spina Christ Leaf(Kesil) Chemical Contents: Application as Cosmetics and its Use as Antifungal Activity” were presented by Dr.Ermias Luelekal,Mr.Yebeltal Aschale and Dr. Wondimagegn Mamo respectively.          

Sheik Haji Ali, Amhara National Regional State Traditional Healers Association President, shared his experience and the progress of the association and the challenges and opportunities faced during implementation. According to his speech, so as to enhance and safeguard the right of the healers, founding an association is very important.

Finally, discussion held and the participants raised different questions and gave suggestion and the way forward.