Professor Sosina M.Haile Presentes Public Lecture


Evanston IL, presented public lecture on “Reversible Electrochemical cells for storing and Delivering Electricity” at Debreberhan University on January 2,2019 G.C PR Hall.

On her presentation she summarized the value of protonic ceramics electrochemical cells. She addressed that over the past decades, the availability of electricity from the sustainable energy sources has risen dramatically while the cost has fallen sharply. These factors have driven a surge in activity in the development of energy storage technologies. She concluded that protonic ceramics electrochemical cells are likely to play a major role a sustainable energy future.

Dr.Hailemariam Birkie, DebreBerhan University President, on his part appreciated her presentation and promised to encourage such scholars as they share experience and transfer knowledge and technologies to the university. He also thanked the coordinators of the program and pledged to help them and welcomed the scientists.