DBU Delivers Training Secondary School Teachers and Students


of doing Action Research for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, English Classroom Management, and Measurement and Evaluation” since January 17-18/2019 G.C for two days at Keyet Secondary School.

On the training session, Ato Abebaw Tesfaye, Keyt Secondary School Director, said that the training which Debre Berhan University provided would help teachers to fill gaps which they had in conducting action research. As to him they identified teachers’ skill gaps, and the school in collaboration with the University and Woreda Educational office organized the training. The ultimate goal of the training is to solve school based problems and ensure the quality of education.

Life skills and sexually reproductive health/SRH/ trainings are also given for all students. This training would also make students capable of managing their time in studying, knowing themselves and expressing their beliefs and thoughts in confidence, and safeguarding his/herself from peer pressure.