The 123rd Victory of Adwa Celebration Begins


and the general public visiting Angolela and Ankober which is the birth palce of Negus Menelik of Shewa and the then his palace respectively on February 25, 2019 G.C. The program was organized mainly by Debreberhan University and the stakeholders from Zone administration Culture and Tourism Department were participated. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Culture and Tourism Ministry also organized the media groups to visit the sites and the Medias would get first hand information to broadcast the correct historic narration about Negus Menelik of Shewa and Shewa at large. The media team was its second time to celebrate such occasion in visiting Anolela and Ankober.

On the occasion, Ato Tatek Gedleamanuel, BasonaWorana Woreda Administrator made a welcoming speech. He said that such visit would help the site to be known and to correct the wrong narration about Minilik II.

Ato Tefera Wondimagegnehu, Amhara National Regional State Of North Shewa Zone Administrator, said that DebreBerhan University and North Shoa Zone in collaboration have conducted scientific research on the balanced history of shewa and Nigus Minilk who emblem as mother “Emye Minilik” and to restore the greatness of shewa which have been narrated in pseudo prescription for ages. Minilik II had contributed to build modern and Sovereign Ethiopia. As to him the Victory of Adwa, being a public holiday, is commemorated in the birth place of Minilik II is used to help the youths know their forefathers struggle against colonialism. He called the Medias to broadcast the correct figure of Minilik II and Shewa.         

In general after the victory over Italy in 1896, Ethiopia acquired a special importance in the eyes of Africans as the only surviving African State. After Adwa, Ethiopia became emblematic of African valor and resistance, the bastion of prestige and hope to thousands of Africans who were experiencing the full shock of European conquest and were beginning to search for an answer to the myth of African inferiority.

It is reported that the celebration will be finalized by panel discussion at Debreberhan University main hall and celebrating St. George annul festivity at Atse Zerayakob Square on February 28, 2019 March 1,2019 respectively.