DBU Student Council Hosts its 6 Month General Assembly


the Transformation to Enhance Peaceful Teaching Learning Process” on March 16, 2019 at PR main hall.

On the occasion, Abebe Belay, Debre Berhan University Students’ Union Council President, said that creating strong organization is not enough to foster the development of the country but creating visionary and committed graduate is vital. As University students, we are expected to restore the greatness of the country as we inherited it from our forefathers. He called the council to act in ensuring the peace of the university and to be committed in safeguarding the university it from any disturbance. He also announced that strong organizational structure is helpful to achieve the shared vision of students.

Ato Alebachew Goshime, Student Affairs Directorate Director, said that University students’ organizations played great roles not only at the university level but also throughout the country. He called the council to take two things in to considerations. These are securing peaceful teaching learning processes as they do previously and to be role models in regarding disciplines. He added that this council is responsible in shaping misbehaved students in all aspects like wearing and dressing styles entertaining in the University.

The council presented its 6 months annual plan performance, and audit and inspection reports.  The parliament members raised different questions and suggestions to be inculcated in the report. Some of the questions raised were sanitation problems like dishes, disciplinary problems, and shortage of DSTV packages, shortage of water, weak performance in teaching learning process etc.

Finally, answers and comments were given by the council president and other concerned bodies.