Debere Berhan University offers training


Opening the training, Almaz Afera/PhD/, Vice President for Research and Community Service, said that leadership is serving the community and it can be inherited like women do in their home and grown up through training and experience sharing. She added that one of the responsibilities of University is that offering training to the local government and consulting in their entire activities, research and community services are also the missions that we did. She asked the participants to pay attention on the training and she hoped they would get practical skills which help them for the services they gave for the community.  

Ato Fekade Damite,Amhara Democratic Party/ADP/ Central Committee Inspection, Supervision and Audit Commission Bureau Head, said that Debre Berhan University initiated to capacitate the leaders of the zone  through training and accepting the Zone’s claim and giving  positive reply to fill the gap can be appreciated. He added that DBU has been given sole responsibility to create effective and knowledgeable leaders and to make Shewan community developed, free from maladministration and to enjoy good governance.

The training started introducing the new commission’s work manual on inspection, supervision and reporting.