DBU Undergoes discussion with Slovak Embassy Delegates


Welcoming the delegates, Dr. Almaz Afera, Debre berhan University Research and Community Service Vice President, said that Debre Berhan University has been attempted to maintain the quality and relevance of education research, research and community service delivered. She added that the RCSV president office is initiating and supporting poor women in participating and using urban agriculture and consulting women and other communities. The office also strives in delivering free legal service for those who cannot afford for the services they got. She underlined that the Slovak Embassy was suggested to develop small grant proposal; however, the RCSVP office developed three grand proposals hoping that the Embassy will grant them.

Ambassador Drahomir STos, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic of Ethiopia, Permanent Representative to the African Union, thanked the delegates and the University officials. He said that the purpose of their visit is to discuss on the possibilities in specific areas to work and to see the possibilities of the micro grants in which the Slovak Embassy will offer and to discuss on the grand proposals which entirely requires the saying of Slovak government that is why the delegates arrives here. He also said that they will facilitate to create cooperation with Slovak universities and Debere Berhan University.

Finally, the three grant proposals were presented by Debre Berhan University contact person and discussion was made. The delegates asked questions about the experiences DBU has on the implementation of projects, about the action plans, the sustainability of the project and the commitment of the society.

It is reported that the discussion will continue and cooperation agreement will be signed.