DBU Councils Appraises the 6 Months Plan Performance


The council listened to the report made by Plan Preparation,Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate Director Representative,Ato Mammo Kifle,which emphasized on the vision and misson of the university  that streched to be achieved by 2020.

Based on the  reports the council memebers  raised questions, gave suggestions and comments on the plan and performance of the 6 months achievements.They also suggested the way forward and gave coonstructive comments which need to be taken in to consideration for the next 6 months as it is final starategic plan of 2020.

Having listend to the report, vice presidents presented correction on the report and reflected what their perspective offices did.They gave answers to the questions,suggestions and comments for the participants questions and comments.   

Finally, Dr.Nigus Tadese, DBU University President summarized the 6 months plan performance that the University has to improve. As to him the university is in greate trouble to accompish its vision and there has been challenges  that was nearly to collapse the teaching learning process.But working tirelessly along with the university communities,the University will  become undergoing peaceful teaching learning process.He added that there has been maladminstration and lack of good governance in the university.These have to be terminated. He appreciated the struggle made by the university staffs and the Debre Berhan  communities which helped the university to be peaceful and keep the teaching learning process to be continued as usual.He also disclosed that the Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and Bio diversity Conservation project and the Shewarobit Integrated Aqua-Culture Project will be strengthen and given high emphasis next to teaching learning process.Furthermore,the data which every departments send need to be exploited intensively before it sent to the concerned bodies and must gear towards the university’s vision.