Fana Addis Tiwlid Ethiopia holds workshop


Consortium of Reproductive Health Association in United Nation of Population Fund /UNFPA/  on December 15/2020 at Debre Berhan  University Graduation Hall.

Opening the workshop, Setew Demissie ,Fana Addis Tiwuld Ethiopia Executive Director /FATE/,said that the workshop contribute to integrate Adolescent and youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes of young people in Debre Berhan University. He added that the project was launched before covid 19 pandemic announced in Ethiopia. The project introduces MelaNet online platform for University students and it helps them to talk freely about reproductive health matters.

Ato Ameneshewa Nigussie, Debre Berhan University President Office Director, said that Fana Addis Tiwuld Ethiopia has worked in collaboration of the University for ages. He added that Fana Addis Tiwuld Ethiopia delivered training on Adolescent Reproductive Health, supported with different sanitary utilities and many more. The students would benefit at large from the project.

 Ato Alemayehu Gonie, Assistant Professor at DBU College of Health Science, presented paper on Prevention of COVID-19 integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health.”He said that integration means joined together different kind of SRH and HIV services of operational program at one place. The health services should be friendly and should also deliver counseling on SRH and Covid-19. It is also based on the need to offer comprehensive and integrated services. In his recommendation he said that Covid-19 pandemic case counts extremely increase because most of the people in Ethiopia become negligence to all preventive measures like washing hands frequently, using sanitizers, keep social distancing and wearing mask. Therefore, to keep safe people are recommended to apply the protective measures until it is reported the pandemic is over.   

The participants said that there is negligence on covid 19 about the protective measures and some law enforcement organizations are not strictly following up the implementation of Ministry of Health protocols. They told that taking protective care of Covid-19 should be mandatory and should also be planned to entertain SRH services.