Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Belete Tewabe (PhD)
University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer Directorate Director at DBU

University and industry have never been able to exist separately. An intellectual asset of the university has a contribution to the growth and development of various industries. Advancement of knowledge and technology in university can only happen with the pertinent need and support of the industry. Creating a reliable partnership between university and industry has a paramount contribution for generating mutual benefits between them for the betterment of the society and the world at large.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate (hereafter, ITTD) was established to achieve the overall mission and vision of Debre Berhan University (hereafter, DBU) at large. One of the tasks of DBU is to facilitate technology transfer among stakeholders. ITTD is therefore actively engaged in technology transfer activities in collaboration with stakeholders in North Shewa Zone i.e., Technical & Vocational Training Institutes, Research Centers, Zonal & District offices. Technologies are being transferred to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), Industries, and farmers among others. Furthermore, ITTD is committed in incubating talented Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Students of Primary and Secondary Schools of North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia. DBU is a hub for STEM incubation as the university runs more than eight STEM programs. The STEM programs of DBU include weekend STEM, Girls coding, BunaScript, Mobile STEM, Electronics, Computer Science, STEM Project, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and others. The Zonal and District level Educational Offices are collaborating with DBU in selecting and supervising STEM students based on Ministry of Education (MoE) approved eligibility criteria. Additionally, STEMpower and STEMsynergy are key partners of DBU in promoting talented STEM students’.


Create exemplary model enterprises, demand oriented technology transfer and a hub for STEM incubation in Ethiopia by 2030


Facilitate technology transfer and produce talented STEM students in collaboration with stakeholders at national and international level for the benefit of the community

Thematic areas and projects

Establishing model enterprises

Developing technologies that are being transferred to the community at large

Incubated talented STEM education through various STEM program

Developing agricultural mechanization technologies

Establishing technology park


STEM power Ethiopia

STEM synergy Ethiopia

Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority

North Shewa Zone and Debre Berhan city educational bureau

Ministry of Education

Ethiopian Space Science Institute


Model enterprises were established i.e., prior to technologies transfer and model business plan development, training given on technology use & business plan development

Agricultural mechanization technologies include small scale threshing machine; harvesting technology, ploughing machine , sowing technologies, chaff cutter machine + protocols used in selecting improved variety of crops have been developed

Developing technologies to solve industrial problems i.e., developing bottle crusher machine, glass bottle washing technology, medium scale oil extraction machine, small scale sugar production technology, pedal operated washing machine, liquid detergent mixer, improved arm saw machine, wall plastering machine, among others

Developing technologies to wisely preserve and utilize indigenous knowledge including improved local alcohol (Areki) making machine, modified mini forging machine, upgraded technologies for blacksmith, technologies for cloth weaving among others

Website development for governmental offices of North Shewa Zone and the Debre Berhan Regiopolitan city

Model enterprises, farmers, industries and zonal offices were addressed in technology transfer

Patenting innovative ideas, designs and technologies at Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority

Talented STEM students are supported in a variety of STEM programs

Contact details
  • Belete Tewabe (PhD)
  • STEM Coordinator