5th Round STEM Program Begins

The 5th round STEM program started on July 20, 2017 at PR hall. Higher officials of DBU, high school teachers who will participate in STEM training and other concerned bodies attended the opening ceremony.

Dr. Temesgen Tibebu, Community Service Directorate Director of DBU, on his opening speech, disclosed that the government has given attention to Science, Technology, and Engineering Mathematics/STEM/ in the country so as to capacitate and initiate students to join in these fields. So, DUB is striving to produce competent new generation on the science and technology fields just holding a great mission set by the government as he said.

According to Dr. Temesgen, around 180 students of 7- 12 grades from North Shewa and Oromiya Zones were recruited by the region education bureau to attend the STEM training which will started on July 16/2017 E.C. 

DBU’s Research and Community Service Vice President, Dr. Almaz Afera, on her opening speech, said that science and technology streams have been given emphasis to consist 70% of the higher education students to join in these streams. Therefore, the STEM program was aimed at changing the science and technology talents and tendencies of the target students in to practical efficiencies. Furthermore, the training was effective in introducing the trainings with the university life which they may face in the future. 

Finally, Dr Almaz Afera reminded the STEM trainees to upgrade their knowledge and engage in innovation by changing the theoretical skill they got from the training in to practice. 

Among the trainees, Netsanet Dereje and Mesfin Ayele said that they will get experience in practical activities and will also exercise social life which will enable them make their talents and tendencies more practical.


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