Debre Berhan University Achieves 90.8% Passing Rate in National Exit Examination


Debre Berhan University Achieves 90.8% Passing Rate in National Exit Examination
Debre Berhan University (DBU) is celebrating a remarkable achievement with a 90.8% passing rate for its undergraduate students in the 2024 National Exit Examination. This success comes after 13 undergraduate programs participated in the exam, with an impressive 5 programs achieving a 100% passing rate. The remaining programs all achieved passing rates between 80% and 95%.
DBU President, Dr. Nigus Tadesse, has extended his heartfelt congratulations on behalf of the university and himself to the graduating students. In a message, he acknowledged the years of hard work and dedication that led to this crucial achievement. He expressed pride in their success, emphasizing that passing the national exit exam is a significant milestone in their academic journey.
Dr. Nigus Tadesse also extended his appreciation to the entire DBU academic and administrative community. He recognized that while the students' commitment to their education is paramount, the unwavering support provided by the university staff was crucial to their success. He praised their dedication and effort, acknowledging their vital role in supporting the students' achievements.
DBU, committed to maintaining its successful educational momentum, recognizes the importance of continuous improvement, said the president. By analyzing previous National Exit Examinations, the university will identify areas for student performance enhancement and develop a strategic plan to address identified gaps. DBU will implement targeted initiatives and programs to provide students with the support and resources they need to excel in their chosen fields.
This will create an even stronger learning environment that empowers students and prepares them for successful careers, fulfilling their aspirations and providing them with a high-quality education for a bright future.