Debre Berhan University Establishes an Indigenous Knowledge Research Center; Hosts Community Consultation


Debre Berhan University conducted a community consultation with members of the Ankober town community concerning the development of the Indigenous Knowledge Research Center, situated 42 km from Debre Berhan. This site, located nearby the existing botanical garden in Ankober, serves as a hub for researching herbal medicine and indigenous knowledge. As part of the expansion plans, the university aims to establish additional sites dedicated to the study of indigenous knowledge, with a focus on integrating modern science and technology.

The consultation meeting commenced with an opening speech by Dr. Nigus Tadesse, President of Debre Berhan University, stressing the importance of researching indigenous knowledge and herbal medicine, emphasizing their crucial role in utilizing medicinal plants for healthcare purposes. Dr. Azmeraw Ayehu, Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, highlighted the vital role of community support and expertise in the area for the successful development of research sites. He also underscored that expanding and developing these research Centers would significantly benefit the local community and the broader scientific community.

Participants from the community expressed their gratitude to Debre Berhan University for its dedicated efforts in developing the historical Ankober town through research on indigenous knowledge and herbal medicine, recognizing the preservation of ancestral wisdom. They also called for increased investment and job creation opportunities in the area. Dr. Amare Ayalew, Director of the DBU Botanical Garden and Herbal Medicine in Ankober, emphasized the need to reach a consensus with the community regarding the current Indigenous Knowledge Research Center, highlighting the mandatory protection and ownership of the site during research activities.

The consultation meeting concluded with Dr. Nigus reaffirming the commitment of Debre Berhan University to develop the Ankober Botanical Garden and Indigenous Knowledge Research Center. He expressed appreciation for the community's trust and willingness, emphasizing the university's dedication to the area's development.