DBU Conducts Deep Renewal

Debre Berhan University has been conducting deep renewal under the slogan “Enhance Effective Researchers, workers and students will secure our development” as of March 9 to March 14, 2017 at DBU  Main hall, PR Hall and 06 Geberewoch hall.

In the process teachers, workers and students would take part and it would extends to self evaluation and criticism.
The three halls have been led by Ato Getachew Tefera, DBU President,at main hall, Ato Nigus Tadese,Business and Development Vice President, at 06 Geberewch hall and Ato Endale Haile, Vice president for Students and Supportive Process Affairs, at PR hall in collaboration with North Shoa Zone Administrative officials.
On the occasion, Ato Getachew Tefera,Debere Berhan University President, addressed that the country has been passed through deep renewal and;therefore, the university communities are part of this process and it helps us to foster the development of our coutrry.
Ato Nigus Tadese,Business Development Vice President, presented  the deep renewal documents for discussion at  06 Geberewoch hall.He said that the deep renewal is significantly help the teachers, workers and students know the characteristics of developmental state and to minimize the misconceptions and to create transparency among teachers, students and workers. He also explained that the deep renewal would help the university community to achieve its vision by 2020.
Ato Awoke Zenebe, North Shoa Zone Communication Affairs Department head, on his part disclosed the objective of the deep renewal and what to be expected from the discussion as a developmental state.
Similarly, Ato Endale Haile, Vice president for Students and Supportive Process Affairs, noted that the deep renewal process is vital for the university and he presented the document for discussion.

Finally, the participants made a hot discussion. They claimed different questions and gave opinions and suggestions which is constructive and it would be an input for the betterment of the university in paricular and for the country in general.