Debre Berhan University College of Computing hosts Data Science Curriculum Review Workshop


Debre Berhan University's College of Computing recently organized a curriculum review workshop on the undergraduate Data Science program. Dr. Nigus Tadese, President of Debre Berhan University, has attended at the event and delivered the opening speech. In his address, Dr. Nigus emphasized the growing importance of data science education nationally and globally, stating the university's commitment to prominence in this field. He stressed the need for a practical-oriented curriculum review, aligning with Debre Berhan's status as an Applied Science University and highlighting the university's pursuit of excellence in artificial intelligence.

The workshop included external evaluators from Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University, and the Ethiopian Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Participants from Debre Berhan University and invited guests engaged in discussions, offering feedback, comments, and questions aimed at enhancing the curriculum to meet industry standards.

The workshop concluded with remarks from Mr. Alebachew Chiche, Assistant Professor and Dean of the College of Computing, summarizing the feedback and recommendations for curriculum enhancement. Mr. Alebachew urged the curriculum development team to carefully consider all suggestions and comments from the evaluators to further improve the curriculum.