The way forward is “True”. Mr.Obang


at the University’s Main Hall. The Lecture Title and Description: THE WAY FORWARD: CAN THE RIGHT CHANGE BE SUSTAINED IN ETHIOPIA?

Dr.Hailemariam Berkie, DebereBerhan University President, made a welcoming speech. He said that such public lecture has paramount importance to create mutual understanding among University students as universities are little Ethiopia. This is because there are more than 80 nations the university served.

Mr. Obang Metho returned to Ethiopia, after years of work as a defender of human rights and a promoter of humanity, unity, peace, reconciliation and the restoration of justice.

This lecture focused on “The Way Forward: Can the Right Change Be Sustained in Ethiopia?” Mr. Obang had been traveling all over Ethiopia, talking to many people and hearing their stories and concerns about their country. Ethiopians face many challenge of bringing meaningful reforms to a country that has suffered much over the past decades; but yet, if we are not careful, we can recycle those same mistakes once again. Mr. Obang suggested that unity is the best way forward for the country.

He added that the way forward is laid on us the future of our country who will be the owner of Ethiopia. The way forward is true. C.A.D/28,November 2018 G.C/