A speech on ‘Ethiopianism vs Ethnicism ’ Deliveres


Professor Fikre Tolosa in his speech stressed that the importance of unity in nation building is vital, and he said it is the right time to celebrate the reform emerged in Ethiopia few months ago to reach to a level that ensure peaceful and democratic Ethiopian and bring sustainable development. He mentioned that the recently happening race based confrontations is not accepted by any reasons. He argued it is irresponsible for Ethiopians to fight on race basis issues as all Ethiopians were emerged from the same race which is scientifically proved in his study.

Ethiopianism as professor explained is the soul which people breaths and it is deep rooted in mind. Ethnicism on the other hand is the language which people speak. As a result of ethnic based conflict Ethiopianism has been loosened and our cultural values have been spoiled.

On presenting the speech session, university’s officials, teachers, students, invited guests and interested personalities from and out of the university have participated.