Debre Berhan University Graduates Medical Doctors


On the ceremony, Dr.Getinet Ashenafi, DBU President Representative, said that the graduates would contribute vital share for the country so as to overcome the shortages of medical doctors. Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic Ministry of Health in collaboration with the then Minstry of Education  planned to enroll other health and natural science discipline graduates to be joined again in Health Science fields so as to improve the shortage in the sector and serve their country in 2004 G.C. He asked the graduates to serve their community and country being ethically disciplined as the profession required.


Dr.Gemechis Mammo, Internal Health Specialist and Ethiopian Medical Doctors Association President,said that though you faced sever challenges,give priority to your patients which gives you happiness and joy in that we have been choosen as doctors and saviours of the society’s health.As I said above when you go your work place you may face so many challenges that can hamper your aspiration not to implement effectively your knowledge and skill. Some of the challenges might be shortage of modern medical materials, equipment, modern laboratories, infrastructures etc. He called on the Huose of Representative,the House of Federation,Regional Leaders and City Mayors to give emphasis for the medical doctors who will graduate in thousands in the near future and have to be hired because our country needs more medical doctors and donot make graduates jobless reasoning  budget as constraints.