Ambassador Drahomir STos visits Debre Berhan University


Welcoming the Ambassador Almaz Afera/PhD/, DBU Research and Community Service Vice President, briefed the glimpse of the University and its progress. She said the that DBU is adamantly and unrelentingly working and undertaking massive organizational activities in terms of human resource development and construction with an over view to further enhancing its institutional capacity on areas of producing competent graduates, conducting a problem solving research & offering community services.

Ato Hailu Terefe,Women in Agriculture Project Leader, and Birhannesh, Debremeaza Project coordinator, presented their project progress and how these projects helped the community in which they worked.

Ambassador Drahomir STos on his part appreciated the endeavor the university did for the community. He said that they have been working in partnership with NGO’s like JIZ and they planned to replicate growing Academia/ a coffee shade plant/ that is grown in Kenya to Ethiopia. He also pledged to work together with Deber Berhan University.