DBU hosts the 6th Annual International Research Symposium


as of May 24 -25, 2019 G.C at Debre Berhan University main hall.

The university’s vice president for research and community service, Dr.Almaz Afera, after welcoming the participants, said that Higher Learning Institutions are highly accountable to carry out problem solving research for innovations, transferring knowledge and technology. She added that in line with this, DBU is working thoroughly to solve societal problems through undertaking scientific research and rendering community service and fostering university industry linkage activities.

Dr.Azage Tegegne ,Debre Berhan University  Board member and Director of International Livestock Research Institute, said that the University should focus on research programs than projects because it will give you long term vision, long term stability, long term funding and create an opportunity to work together in a multidisciplinary themes. It also creates an opportunity to have healthy competition among faculty members, with in University, between the Universities, between the countries. So it will create positive environment in your University to help you generate new knowledge, new technology that are relevant to our society. He added that a lot has to be done to increase visibility of the University through proper communication to the scientific community locally, nationally and globally.

Dr.Fanta Madefro, from Addis Ababa University, made a key note speech on “why we are poor and the others rich?”He said that the reasons why we are poor are our attitude and skills that we develop in our experience and therefore we need to change these soft skills.       

The symposium will continue in different parallel session for 2 days.