Debre Berhan University hosts the 20th Public Universities forum


Welcoming the guests Dr.Dereje Andargie, Academic Vice President and Representative of DBU President, said that the public universities forum found in Amhara Region strives to work in collaboration with the regional government bureaus for the common development issues. The main goal of the forum is to capacitate the region in drafting policies, conducting problem solving researches, serving the community and transferring technologies which are helpful to the community to eradicate poverty. He added that the new Higher Education road map will be in practice as of 2012 E.C and; therefore, this forum has the responsibility to implement and ensure its quality through delivering research assisted teaching learning process.

Dr.Abate Getahun, Wollo University President and chairman of the forum, chair the session. The academic vice presidents, the research and community service vice presidents and the students and administrative vice presidents teams presented their reports and the 2012 E.C plan. Based on the reports and plan presented, the participants raised questions, forward their suggestions and opinions.
Finally, the two days forum ended taking assignments which need to be taken in to consideration for the future and visiting the Ankober Minilik II palace.