Deber Berhan University hosts the 2019 world Teachers’ Day


It was a “National Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Community Services for National Development” Organized by Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) in collaboration with Debre Berhan University.

On the occasion, Dereje Andargie/PhD/, DBU president representative, said that without inclusive, quality and lifelong learning teachers, one cannot ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and produce sustainable society. Attracting talented young teachers to the teaching profession cannot be a business we leave for tomorrow; rather it is a business we have to do now with urgency and the sense of no time. He added that Universities in Ethiopia have been rocked by lack of stability and peace which resulted in loss of human life, academic time and damaging public properties. To alleviate such problems, teachers are the most responsible persons who are in favor of peace and security.

Dr.Yohannes Benti, President of Ethiopian Teachers Association, on his part, said that the world teachers’ day is celebrated based on the recommendation of UNESCO and ILO concerning the status of teachers on 1996 and on UN document of the 1997 as a recommendation the status of Higher Education Teaching personnel. He added that the conference has played a great role to enhance quality education throughout the country, conducting problem solving research and making professional debates. The world teachers’ day mainly aims on teachers’ profession and to hear the voice of teachers conducting research based discussion among stakeholders.

During the two days conference, 14 research papers will be presented and discussion will be conducted on the issues.