DBU conducts discussion with University of Maryland University


On the occasion Craig Beyrouty, Dean and Director Agricultural Experiment Station University of Maryland Extension, said that they have very strong commitment to work in Africa in resilience of food production and climate change. He added that University of Maryland worked to develop African team and enhances partnership like Deber Berhan University.

According to Craig Beyrouty the AGNR’S has five strategic initiatives these are establishing a Healthy Food System and ensure Global Food and Nutritional Security, ensuring a Clean and Healthy Chesapeake Bay, advancing Innovative, profitable ,and Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems, improving Human, Animal, and Environmental Health,and optimizing Urban Environments Through Design, Green Technology, and Community engagement. Craig Beyrouty disclosed that in the near future they collectively work together to do some very substantive work in order to enhance the overall Food production and Environment in Africa.

Dr Abebe Tadese, Debre Berhan University International Relation and Partnership Directorate Director, verified the profile of DBU. He said that the centers of excellence of Debre Berhan University are Highland Agriculture, Medieval History and Herbal Medicine Preparations. Therefore, DBU is ready to collaborate with International Universities like Maryland, Oregon state universities and others.