DBU Conducts Discussion


Abebe Tedla /PhD/,Shewarobit Integrated aquaculture Project Director, presented paper for the discussion and he reported what Research and Community Service Vice President Office did in the past.

On the way forward, Nigus Tadesse /PhD/,DBU president, emphasized that redefining college responsibility and accountability, reformulating academic staff evaluation criteria /60%,25% and 15% for academic, research and community service respectively/,reconfiguring the post graduate study coordination and  research facility establishment, identifying research findings indicators and research budget decentralization, establishing research advisory board, developing strong collaboration, partnership and establishing innovation, technology transfer commercialization directorate at the university level are some of the activities which should be given due attentions.

The participants said that this discussion session is vital so as to scale up the university’s performance and it helps to initiate the researcher. They told that the research staffs have to be capacitated and encouraged to be competent enough in the country as well as in the world in research, innovation and publication. The other issue raised was the case of Berhan International Research Journal to be valued for staff promotion in order to communicate worldwide. In addition, the post graduate students should be involved in mega research projects and on the university’s thematic areas. The participants strongly criticize the budget constraints faced and its implementation as defined by MoF.

Almaz Afera/PhD/, DBU RCSVP, appreciated the issue raised and they would entertain all the suggestion made by the participants to fill the gaps they faced as office discussing with the management. She told that there is guideline for community service. She also briefed some points which the participants viewed wrongly like absence of Ethical board, posting call of paper,as the training given by the office is demand driven.

Nigus Tadese/PhD/, DBU President, summarizing the discussion said that though today’s discussion is shallow, it will pave a way for the next discussion. Debre Berhan University has above 200 assistant professors and PhD holders who can change the life of the community if they strive to make problem solving research heartily. Therefore, researches made by the researchers should significantly contributed to change and transform the life of the society; otherwise, these professionals either deprived themselves or became selfish and promoted for self interest to live on meager income as ordinary community live. He also disclosed that colleges and respected deans are responsible to redefine their thematic areas and formulate the centre of excellence along with the University’s thematic areas.