DBU announces online teaching learning platforms


Dr.Dereje Andarge, Academic Affairs Vice President, told that DBU planned extraordinarily to graduate the post graduating students offering lectures via email, webpage and other online platforms. To accomplish this task based on the MoSHE directives, DBU established two task forces namely e-learning technical teams and supervision and assessment teams. He added that students have to continue contacting and working closely with their departments, course instructors and advisors to complete the semester’s courses and defend their thesis in time. The graduation will be held on 20th July, 2020 G.C.

Dr.Derje Andarge added that course materials were given to all students before they discharged from the university. Therefore, to enhance the teaching learning process and to motivate students from the stress and uncomfortable situations the students should plan and study these course materials. On line platforms have been introduced for all undergraduate and post graduate regular and continuing programs. Course materials including lecture notes, power point presentations and reference materials for the first year and above courses uploaded to the university’s and MoSHE Websites so that students can read and access it. Course assessments will be made as the online platform modalities required.         

At last, Dr.Dereje Andarge call parents, students and teachers to cooperate and work closely with the University and the government in supporting, advising, guiding and treating students taking care of themselves and their parents from corona pandemic.


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